Thursday, November 5

Let's Hear it for the Boys!

Let's all give a HUGE shout out to Isaac for fixing my freakin' computer so I can get online again!!!! Amazing guy: while his wife takes me out for a terrific dinner & drinks, he stayed home with the kids AND fixed my computer. Too bad he's taken... ;-)

I'm in Redding, CA where my dear friend Natasha lives~with the afore mentioned husband~and her 2 beautiful boys. I actually drove down from WA thinking that a 12 hour car trip wouldn't be that bad...and overall, it wasn't...except I still have to drive back...(sigh). But so wonderful to be with Tash again & to see how big the boys have gotten since I saw them last.

Jackson is 3 years old now, talking non-stop, and has amazing hearing: he can identify all sorts of different vehicles driving in the near vacinity while he is playing in the back-yard, unable to see them. He also has an afinity for hats, which is nice since my knitting-maniac mom made hats for both the boys!

Sawyer will be 2 years old in a mere 2 weeks & is talking more & more and is into all things "boy." He has an afinity for shoes, but (luckily for him) my mom hasn't figured out how to knit those yet! (Hey mom, you know I love all the things you create for me & others!!!) Funny thing is, for liking shoes so much, he had the best time this afternoon running about the back yard in his socks in the rain! Too funny!

Both boys are totally into tractors (real) and cars & trucks (real or toys)...and really: who wouldn't be. The local Walmart has been awfully accomodating in that it's remodeling & is using lots of tractor-type vehicles. Tash can just drive the boys over there for an afternoon of fun entertainment!

It's been a relaxing trip & I love being with Tash...don't cha just love being with friends where you can pick up where you left off as though you just saw them the day before~even though it's been a year since you've last managed to get together?'s nice to be with good friends and (almost) as nice to be able to get online again!!!! Now I shall have to think about all sorts of creative things to write know, act like I have a life!

Upcoming posts will, of course, include pictures of my beautiful TeaRose who has somehow gone from a baby to a little lady of 8 1/2 months who is crawling everywhere, is close to walking, and has (finally) gotten her first tooth. In all her busy-bee activities, she still likes to cuddle & loves to listen to books....

And sometime within the next couple weeks, I should have the wonderful gift of becoming an aunt again as my brother & sister-in-law's baby is due anytime now. Hurry up Demetri: I can hardly wait to hold you!!!!!!!

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