Monday, November 9

Thanks Tash!

So while I was with the Posey clan, I got yet another great haircut from Natasha. Not only does it look great straight (which Tash did but I probably won't due to stupid physical issues), but I can go from showered to bouncy curls in just 30 seconds.

Which is great since getting ready in the morning is rather tough right now...
While the move to WA has (overall) been good for my health in relation to the peripheral polyneuropathy (way fewer flare ups), my fibromyalgia has been acting up with the onset of cold weather & rain. It been taking me longer to get up & get going in the morning.
Due to pain & stiffness, it has typically been taking me 1-2 hours to really be able to move after getting up each morning. Today, however, was classic: mom litterally had to pull me out of bed. I think my 12 hour drive through torrential rain on Saturday, kinda screwed me up a bit! I was in so much pain & so stiff I really couldn't get out of bed. Which sucked cuz I had to return the rental car I'd used for my CA trip. (Figures--usually not being able to move wouldn't be such a big deal: I have a very boring life, but the one day I've gotta be somewhere early, I have a completely non-functioning body!)
But at least I look good while immobile, right? Always a bright side! Thanks again, Tash, for doing my rock!

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