Monday, July 5

4th of July

So, my brother-in-law's family is wonderfully fun: they love themed parties. The past few years, they've celebrated a "White-Trash/Red-Neck 4th of July." Everyone comes in costume~from the youngest to the oldest. It's really fun.

And now...the pictures! And, yes, there are A LOT, but soooo worth it, cuz, a picture, in this case, is truly worth a thousand words!!!

Yessiree~like mother like daughter!

My neice, Ava, is here for the summer & her mimi, Lori, was here for the 4th!

Jersey Shores, anyone?

Another mother-daughter duo

Yes, even Teagan was dressed in costume!

Mother & Son

Father & Son

Teagan loved Jairus' guitar!

Gramma Sue


Papa Tom with the littlest cousin, Cooper

Ava kept trying to make her trashy grandmas look better~
wild flowers are always a nice touch!

Gramma Cindy & Kenyan~who didn't dress white trash but as a princess fairy instead!

We also celebrated some July birthdays: Van, Kenyan & their cousin Cash all had birthdays this month!

Now does that look like a fun day or what?!?!?

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