Wednesday, July 21

Crescent Lake & First Beach

Just wanted to share some of the incredible pictures of the Crescent Lake area here in WA. It's a huge glacial lake that has the most incredible colors imaginable! From light aquamarine to deep cobalt blue. It was breath-taking!!!

Seriously thinking of renting a cabin here (if we can find one) for my birthday! It was so peaceful!!!

We also visited First Beach, in La Push. This is on the Pacific Ocean...the drift wood was incredible, more often than not they were huge trees & branches versus small sticks. Even the rocks were worn smooth. It was gorgeous~the fog was just starting to roll back in...

The ocean was so gray after the blues of Crescent Lake...and everything seemed a bit more savage~imagine the force of the waves to push an entire tree up onto the shoreline! Yet just around down the road was a peaceful creak that was running out to the ocean. I loved the contrast.

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