Monday, July 12


Anyone who knows me well knows I absolutely LOVE roses~any color, any scent, any time. The house I rented in Temecula had about 10 different rose plants leading up to the front door. Because it was so hot in Temecula, the roses bloomed nearly year-long and were absolutely incredible throughout the summer.

When we moved to our new house in the Seattle area, there weren't any rose bushes in the yard at all. But now we have 5 in the front and 1 on our upper deck, all planted for the kids who are important in Auntie M's life (yeah, that's right, I just spoke about myself in the 3rd person!)

TeaRose's Peace tearose finally has a bud!

As, do Ava's, Van's, and Kenyan's rose bushes (but their colors aren't showing through yet...)

Meanwhile, Cora's and Demetri's roses are blooming like crazy and the rose blooms are absolutely incredible: they are HUGE and smell delightful!!

How stunning is the pink, against the blue, against the green?

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