Friday, January 15


How cultured is our little TeaRose?

I've spent several hours trying to upload the video of Teag and I sitting in front of the stereo listening to Mozart together...before sadly realizing that it's to big to upload here...but trust me: it was precious. She sat on my lap and tapped her toes and every once in a while would turn her head and look at me with a mixture of awe and joy. We sat together listening for 2 1/2 songs...not bad for a not-quite-yet-11-month-old!!

Story time...while it is not the Jane Austen for Children Pride & Prejudice that her Auntie Andi got her, Teagan does love reading and today her favorite was Bill Martin & Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Again, she amazes me in that she can spend an hour listening to stories at her young age.

While she is a cultured lil thing, she isn't boring...she plays hard, loves exploring (especially now that she's walking: a whole new vista has appeared before her: new things to be discovered that were previously too high up for her to get at or see.) And she loves to watch sports with her daddy. Her latest trick: the touch-down-throw-your arms-up-in-the-air-and-cheer move:

Touch Down!

Such joy!

(I'd flatter myself & say it was me she was so excited to see, but really, it was the camera!)

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