Tuesday, January 5


Have you ever sat down to blog & felt totally uninspired? That's how I've felt lately.

And it's not like there isn't anything to write about.....I mean Teagan had her first Christmas (no clue as to what was going on, but knew it was fun) and we had a wonderful visit with J&D over the holidays: it was so good for all of us to be together. While my nephew's presence was missed greatly, it was good to simply be together, visit together, eat together, grieve together, and even laugh together.

For New Year's Eve we went out for Greek food for lunch...

...and then just hung out here & ate yet another delecious meal prepared by mom & had a visit from Kent (oops! I mean Charlie Chaplin) who was on his way to a costume party.

Kent left his package of fake mustaches here...which we broke into & used to their fullest potential:

And Mike made up a game for us to play: he pulled up 80s TV sit-com theme songs on YouTube & we had to guess what program the song went to. I'm a little concerned that my sister knew most of them...I barely remember us watching TV (we lived in the mountains & had a grand total of 3 stations and one of them was PBS!) but Tiff appears to have spent a lot of time in front of the tube! She could shout out a show within the 1st few bars of its theme song. And with great gusto! She thought the game was another one of her husband's silly made up games that he comes up with, but within minutes was declaring "I rock at this!!!" We all took turns coming up with songs...moving fluidly between the 70s through 90s and adding in movies & dramas to our repitoire of sit-coms.

Okay...since I know you are now thinking of doing this yourself...here's a sample:
(Turn your volume UP & close your eyes til you guess it!!)
(No cheating!-keep your eyes closed!!)

Okay...how about this one?
Just one more!
Yep! You too can spend hours doing this. I know it! It's addictive!!! Like pistachios...I mean who ever eats just one pistachio? (Thanks Abby & NCIS). Speaking of NCIS, how great is this clip? And very educational too! Kinda reminds me of my old job........okay........moving on!
And the bestest part is J&D are seriously looking in to moving up to WA!!!!!! Now we just need to convince all of her family to come too. Then we can all be together. Not in the same house, mind you...that would be sheer insanity! But in the same state. And a state that's smaller than CA. Here no place is too far away.

Hey~look at that! Uninspired?.......Maybe not.
Guess I got more inspired as I typed. I may not be MckMama, but I'm trying. And there you have it. All that and a bag of chips.

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