Sunday, January 17

Van & Kenyan

What a weekend: first we had Teag here on Friday night and then last night we got to have Van & Kenyan spend the night! After playing for a while and then bath time, everyone curled up on the couch under cuddley blankets to watch a movie before bed.

Even Marie got in on the action!

Van & Kenyan slept together in Gramma's bed, while Gramma and Gypsy-kitty came and slept in my room with me & Marie-kitty. We had the baby monitor in with the kids so we could hear them if they needed us.

I fell asleep listening to the sweet & innocent sounds of the kids' deep breathing as they dreamed the night away. Morning came early...really Van rises with the sun regardless of what time he goes to bed. We had hot chocolate and waffles and bacon this morning before the kids left.

It was another wonderful time!

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