Wednesday, January 20

A Day of Firsts

First ponytail.

First time wearing shoes. (And not crying about it)

First time playing at the playground.

Playing on the Pirate Ship

First tumble at playground due to unfamiliar shoes & tan bark. (Sorry, no actual picture. Auntie M was giggling too much--bad Auntie M!...but I did get her before she was picked up and dusted off)

First time going down the slide.

First swing ride.

So serious!!

• First time crying out  Mama in fear…of the birds (she is not a big Hitchcock fan!) it was a lot of birds

Comforted by Mama...can you see the bark dust in her ear from her earlier tumble??

Moving right along, we left the birds behind and went on a nature walk (through trees, not birds!)

Sitting w/Gramma


Walking through the park
It was (overall--tumbles not included) a wonderful day!!!

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