Wednesday, January 27

You've come a Long Way, Baby

I have a little "baby" chair that was mine when I was a toddler...I'm not sure but I think it may have been my aunt's before me...and probably someone else's before it was hers...

Teagan has been trying to figure out how to sit in this chair for months now. Turns out: sitting is a lot harder than it looks!

Here we are @ month 7...notice her little legs barely even reach the middle bar, let alone touch the ground! She wanted to sit in the chair but had to be lifted in to sit down~but it made her happy to be sitting there.
Fast forward to month 10, when she tried & tried to figure out this whole sitting thing...the backing in is just crazy in her mind. She would face the chair, put her hands on the arms or seat, and then squat in front of it wondering why on earth she wasn't in the chair...

....However, once in, she enjoyed sitting there:

Kicking Back

Watching TV


Notice her feet still don't touch the ground!

By month 11, Teagan figured out that perhaps practice makes perfect...

So first she practiced with a friend:

And then she tried it on her own...sadly Auntie M had to help her get her bum into the chair by turning her about and pulling her into the chair. Sitting is seriously hard!!

And now we have arrived at the 12th month of her little life: in just 3 1/2 weeks our little baby girl will be a year old!!!! Her feet almost touch...but the sitting concept still eludes her a bit...but I think she's gotten the hang of it...for the most part! She still needed a wee bit of help from Mama.

Sitting Take 1:

Sitting Take 2:
Notice how happy she looks sitting in her chair with her legs crossed and that satisfied look on her face!

How cute is that?!?!

Soon she'll be able to tackle the little baby rocking chair her Grandma Sue got her...sitting down and rocking: whoa!!! Look out world!!!

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  1. Super cute! What a great way for you to remember these precious early years.


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