Saturday, March 13

Being Auntie M...

...means getting to spoil your nieces & nephew.....

Miss TeaRose is passionate about Winnie-the-Pooh & Happy Feet right now...which meant (of course) that Auntie M (and Gramma) had to try to find as many of the stuffed-animal characters from these movies as humanly possible: she now watches the movies clutching, Pooh, Eyore & a tiger (couldn't find a real Tigger) and a little Penguin. She also likes to hold the DVD cases. Too freakin' cute!

She loves dancing to Happy Feet...

but oddly enough her favorite part is in the special features section where there is an instructional video on the elements of dance. She LOVES it!!!

Oh~and here's proof that I really do exist:

Sharing yogurt~Yum!

As for Van & Kenyan, I got a bubble blowing machine (mainly so I wouldn't get so dizzy blowing the bubbles for them)...which they love!

Oh~and the cats love chasing the bubbles too! Which is good exercise for them: they've both gained weight since leaving CA & the large yard they used to have!

And of course, we had to bake & decorate cookies yesterday! The decorating really showed their personalities off to a T.

Van decorated with gusto & a spirit of muchness (eg-the more frosting, the better it'll be!). Kenyan, meanwhile, decorated with a quiet enthusiasm and a spirit of precission: everything planned out & executed with great care.

Of course this meant that Van was done decorating his share of the cookies in about 5 minutes. An hour later (after a quick break so they could have some hot chocolate & a cookie before Van went insane), Kenyan was still decorating her cookies.

Have I mentioned I love being the aunt? It means cheerfully spending time with them & spoiling them (within limits, of course) but then sending them home when they are on a sugar-high or just plain tired/grumpy! Ha ha!!

Case in point: Van had a minor melt-down yesterday....but I still love him to pieces even when he is a grump-a-lump! ;-) (Notice Kenyan's face of disdain: cookies & hot chocolate should not be mixed w/tears!)

(And YES, I know there is a ton of pictures in this post: I love taking them & sharing them!!)

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