Saturday, March 6

Van's Big Day

Yesterday was a very big day for Van. After 2 weeks of asking to go visit his Papa Tom & Gramma Sue, his wish came true....But first, he came here for the morning. Which elicited tears: cuz his mom was dropping him off at the wrong Gramma's house. He finally understood that Papa & Gramma were coming after lunch and after picking Kenyan up from school so that they could all go out to Camano Island together.

We filled in the time by going to one of Van's favorite restaurants: Red Robin. He looks at the menu & orders his own meal with flair. Yesterday it was a cheeseburger with mandarin oranges.

And he got to spend a few bucks honing his skills as a racecar driver. Auntie M may have had to do the pedals, but he did all the steering. My 1st ride with him was rather harrowing, as we crashed/exploded 5 times, drove off the track and through all the orange cones and over a bunch of big rigs. Somehow, though, he corrected himself and came in 25th in the race. Not bad.

By the 3rd time, he had advanced from an easy track to a more difficult track, caused no crashes, wasn't crashed into by other drivers, stayed dead center on the track, and came in 4th!!! Not bad.

But Gramma still wouldn't let the 2 of us drive home. Strange....

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