Thursday, March 11

Congratulations are in Order

Congratulations are in order (and now that Ash has blogged about it--finally) I can say herein:

Congratulations to the Gourley family: they have announced that their little Shadow is a GIRL! Now they'll have one of each in the household. I'm so excited to be able to buy them some cutie baby girl stuff!

And congratulations to my friend Erin: she is engaged to be married!!! Yay!!!!

And finally: to my dear friend Katie (who has no blog & therefore, no link!): Congrats on the new job!! As I said: I will be taking all credit for your new job since I gave you such awesome verbal & written recommendations!

Ashleigh, Lidia, Me, Erin in Feb

Katie on one of her Temecula visits

I really have such a great group of friends in SoCal! Well, exept that Katie was a SoCal friend but she ditched us all & moved back east...but we've forgiven her! Plus she's cool & even planned her summer trip out to Temecula last year to coincide with my trip there! Speaking of last summer, I totally forgot to post about this back in August (yeah, yeah 7 months ago!)

What to Does One Do in Temecula on a Tuesday Night:
Goldfish Racing at a Dive Bar, naturally!

These pictures were taken in dim lighting w/a cell phone, so they aren't that great....

Ash wanted to Purell her entire body after our time at this bar...

Notice the other girls are drinking, but Ash wouldn't:
afraid of Hep A, B or C, I guess!!

Our fish...

The race track...

The race is on!....

Please note: No Goldfish were harmed in the making of this race...

Also note that there were soooo many people entered in the race that it took FOREVER to get down to the two top fish who were then racing against each other for a grand prize of $100. It was worth the wait cuz Erin's fish was one of the top 2 fishies! Sadly she lost by a fraction of a second....but it was a fun a night nonetheless!


  1. Oh my goodness, you crack me up! Thanks for the congrats! he he

    That night of goldfish racing was HILARIOUS! We should do it again some time? err, maybe not. haha

  2. You're too funny Mar!! :D Thanks again for the congrats! You are truely a great friend, and oh my...I feel so honored to have "made the blog" Haha!~ Love you girl! E


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