Thursday, March 4


First, I forgot to mention yesterday that Teag has a couple of new words:

1) She's been saying "Dadda" & "Mama" for quite some time now...

2) She points and does a big side-to-side head shake and says "No, no, no, no, no..." to a variety of items now: cat food, fireplaces, her cousin Van--I think cuz he is always telling her "No!" and pushing her away. (Van is a wee bit jealous of Teag, because when she was born, he lost his Tiffy, since Teag's mama could no longer be his full-time nanny once Teag came). Anyway, it's pretty funny.

3) She has 2 baby dolls that she likes to "carry" around with her (one is so large, that it is mostly just dragged behind her). She calls them each "bebe."

4) As of last Friday night, when we were decorating for her party, she began saying "babafla" for butterfly and "Pa" for her Pooh bear.

Needless to say, we find her brilliant!

Speaking of Butterflies...please continue to pray for the comfort and strength of Eva as she continues to fight for her life. She is an amazing & inspiring young woman. She is also now the proud recipient of her BA in Theatre. Her life brings light to this world. I picture her, as a butterfly bringing light to every place she alights.


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