Wednesday, March 3

Birthday Bash

As pictures are worth more than words, I'll (try to) say very little...except to say that Teag's Mama & Dadda really know how to throw a party!

Daddy did the cake (yup: designed, baked, frosted~even went so far as to custom color & use fondant!) & Mama did the party planning & decorating. And the whole thing was splendid.

The theme was "The Hungry Caterpillar" (so there were lots of caterpillars & butterflies around).

The gift theme was to help build Teag's library by giving her one (or more) of your favorite books (from any age range). The books could be new or used. It was a wonderful idea!

She didn't totally get the whole gift thing~but luckily cousin Kenyan was there to help with reading cards, opening presents~and then with a Vanna White flair, displaying the gift items.

Our little TeaRose was dressed up so cute~in line with the theme, naturally!

Teag did a little pre-party yoga~just to loosen her up before she got her thang on....

Almost all the cousins came (2 missing out of 10) and then there were lots of aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends. It was beautiful & chaotic & fun!

And then it was on to cake! Oh the cake! The singing was boisterous.

At first Teag was a bit confused ("Wwhat am I supposed to do here?!?...You want me to eat what?!?") and then she was so dainty when she began to eat.

The timidity and dainty-ness didn't last for long though....

While it took her forever to eat, she enjoyed every minute of it. Oddly enough: the black fondant antenae and feet of the caterpillar were her favorites!

Eventually everyone else had moved on & Teag was left tiredly singing to herself, swinging her feet & munching on cake, ice cream & (of course) as much fondant as possible....

Typical of most 1-year-old's on their birthday, we had to strip her down at the end of the cake session as she was an ooey gooey mess of melted fondant!

Needless to say, she did NOT want to sleep that night and her mom has sworn her off of all processed sugar!

It was a good day!

Our sweet girl is such a gift to have...and that's the bestest part of all!

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  1. Oh! We just think she is SOOOOOOO adorable and wish we could have been there on her special day. Lots of air kisses are being blown up your way and should be leaving lipstick marks all over her chubby cheeks around 7:32 this evening!

    Love, J & D

    p.s. The lipstick marks are mine~ D


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