Thursday, March 18

A Happy St Paddy's Day To Ya

Yes, I know this is a day late...but what the heck!

I wore green & orange so my Irish-Prod grandfather wouldn't spin in his grave!

Yesterday, we took a little day trip to Third Place Books~where they urge you to Eat, Sleep, Read right there on their front windows...which, I of course love the concept of!

According to their website: Third Place Books is a general interest bookstore with over 200,000 New, Used, and Bargain Books. Third Place books is the deliberate and intentional creation of a community around books and the ideas inside them. It is a fun, comfortable, and safe place to browse, linger, lounge, relax, read,eat, laugh, play, talk, listen, and just watch the world go by.

Sociologist Ray Oldenberg suggests that each of us needs three places: first is the home; second is the workplace or school; and beyond lies the place where people from all walks of life interact, experiencing and celebrating their commonality as well as their diversity. It is a third place. In his celebrated book, The Great Good Place,Oldenberg discusses how the cafes, pubs, town squares and othergathering places make a community stronger and bring people together.

They have certainly reached their goal!! This place is HUGE! It's welcoming. It's comfortable.

Teagan wandered through the aisles, looking in awe at all the books, and muttering "wow! wow!" under her breath. First we shopped...and then we ate: this place actually has an entire food court! It was really an amazing bookstore: totally leaves those national chains in the dust!

Have I mentioned that I love bookstores?!? And bookstores like this are my absolute favorite! I can spend hours in a place like this. Only thing is that it makes me sad that I cannot read like I used to.

But that's ok: I still love bookstores!!!!

And I think Teagan does too! Books, little chairs..what could be better???



Did I mention the food court? What could be better than books? How about kickin' BBQ beef brisket sandwiches??? For you Temecula folks: amazing! Sooooo much better than even Sweet Lumpy's was!!!


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