Tuesday, April 6

April Tradition

Today we visited the Skagit Valley region & the town of LaConner to visit the tulip fields. We did this last year as well, with Teagan just a wee baby. This year, she strutted her stuff & walked to the fields on her own.





First we had lunch on the river in LaConner...after much decision, Teagan (and the rest of us) chose fish & chips.

Being silly...

Gramma, Teagan, & Mama (Tiff)

A rare picture of me...I've got to get out from behind the lense more often!

The tulips are so breath-takingly beautiful, that it sometimes seems as though they couldn't possibly be real. But trust me: they are!

Did I mention the crazy down-pour we got caught in while out in the tulip fields?

Taking refuge under some trees before making a run for the barn...

The tulip bulbs are the main focus for farmers. When the tulip flowers reach a certain point in bloom, they are simply mown down....

Sweet sleep after a busy day...

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