Sunday, April 4

Easter Brings Eggs!

...and (in Teagan's case) cousins! Somehow, though, Auntie M managed to not get a picture of one of the cousins hunting for eggs. Which is odd, cuz I thought I got them all...but one is definitely missing. It's just that they kept moving so quickly!! And there's no "re-do"s on this kind of thing. Bummer! Kenyan was with her daddy this weekend, but all the other 10 cousins were there! However, I also managed to not get any good pictures of the 3 "big boy" cousins (the teens).

I've decided to blame these lapses on my mental & physical state caused by my surgery. I mean, it's only been 2 weeks for crying out loud! I must say that today left me completely wiped out & in pain: but it was sooooo worth it!!!

These are the youngest of the crew: Teagan is 12 months & Cooper 7 months

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