Wednesday, April 7

Sweet Madeline

Today marks the one year anniversary since the world and,more importantly, the Spohrs lost their sweet Madeline.

No: I don't know them in-real-life. I had begun to read their blog approximately 2-3 months before Maddie passed away. I remember clicking on to their blog a year ago to be hit by a 2x4 with the news. You see, Maddie's mommy, Heather, wrote so beautifully that I (along with many others) truly felt as though I knew them in-real-life, not just through cyber-space. Heather's postings were full of stories, pictures, & videos of Maddie that captivated me & a large blogging audience. When Maddie passed, it was touching to see how this "audience" rose up to support the Spohrs. And we still do.

Maddie's smile & bright blue eyes lit up any room she was in. While the color purple has always been associated with Maddie, I think of her in yellow too, because her presence was like bright sunshine.

I still cannot imagine the Spohrs' grief...

Please join me in holding this family up in prayer today  as they deal with this difficult memorial date.
If you would like to hear the sweetest song, written by Maddie's daddy, click here. He also wrote a very tender song about grief that you can listen to here. To read more about sweet Madeline, written beautifully by her mom, please visit, The Spohrs Are Multiplying. You can also leave a message for them there.

If you would like to support the Spohrs in another way, please feel free to give to the March of Dimes in Maddie's name.

To see a few pictures of Maddie, captured by her mama, simply scroll down..........

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  1. You are right Maddie and Heather are both so captivating...


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