Wednesday, April 14

Tot Spot Cafe

How brilliant was the entrepreneur who came up with this idea? It's a cafe with grown-up & toddler foods, a "green" baby items boutique, comfy couches, bistro tables, and best of all a big enclosed area filled with toys for toddlers.

Teagan LOVED it! And~typical of Teagan~she totally suprised us by wanting to play with the other children (or their moms) rather than playing along-side them (which is typically what 1 year olds do).

She had a blast...and I had a really good latte & took (as usual) a billion pictures. Best part? I got to observe while it was her mama who had to run & take things out of her mouth! Actually though, Teag seemed to feel right at home & wasn't anxious if we sat on the outside of the wall while she played on the inside.

I missed the shot of her crying cuz she didn't like the hat
but didn't want to let go of the steering wheel!

From firefighter to little mama...she loves baby dolls!

Teagan teamed up with this little princess for a time.

This little boy was super jealous when Teagan was trying to play with his mom,
but loved playing with her~he really made her laugh!

Teagan really liked this other 14 month old. He, however, really likes to hit.

Yeah, we have no idea who this woman is~just another mom Teagan charmed.

Phew! What a day!

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