Saturday, May 30

Celebrating Life

I continue to recognize how blessed I am to be living a mere 5 minutes away from my sister & her family. While I had the blessing of living minutes away from my brother & his wife for the past few years, I haven't lived near my sis since I was about 22...that's a loooong time ago!

Mom & I spent yesterday in the kitchen cooking together~which was fun & doesn't happen nearly as often as it should...standing for long periods usually leaves me in horrible pain. But I did pretty good yesterday...The house smelled so fantastic~full of garlic & herbs & fresh fruits & veggies that it was pretty much a miracle that we managed to have the self-control to not eat all that we had just prepared!

It was fun to spend today with her and her wonderful friends as we celebrated Tiffany's life (and life in general) spending a relaxing afternoon with lots of laughter, food, & drink. Our all girls party was crashed by 3 guys...we all gave Melly a hard time for not bringing her sweet little boy Aiden with her, so her husband brought him over & joined in the food & fun. Aiden & Teagan spent a bit of time staring at one another probably wondering what the terms "boyfriend" & "girlfriend" mean. At 9 months, Aiden is an older man, but always a perfect gentleman to our T.

Anyway, I enjoyed today immensely~so much so that I pretty much forgot to take pictures (shocking!), but I did snap a few random ones...

Oh~I nearly forgot! I was in virtually no pain for the majority of the day! A gift from God who heard the cries of a pretty exhausted daughter. Thanks, Lord!

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  1. Oh Mary!! I'm soooo glad to hear that you were to able to enjoy your day!! It's probably strange reading something about an event that was a while ago for you, but honestly, it's great to read (hear) that you are enjoying yourself up "there"! :) Love you dear friend!!


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