Tuesday, May 26

Memorial Day

Seriously~Teag just cannot admit that she is a 3 month old baby! I mean, don't 3 month olds usually just lay about like a lump of meat??? Not this girl! She's even using toys that much older babies usually use~like those spin-about-walkers. Of course, we had to put a pillow beneath her as her legs were too short to reach the floor.

But you've never seen a baby work sooooo hard at trying to reach that blue ring. And once she got it she did not let go! Victory is sweet, my friends.

And she is trying soooooo hard to talk. Of course, having the hiccups makes it hard for anyone to talk....

We enjoyed the long weekend~like it makes any difference to me: "cripple" that I am! ;-) I had yet another stupid flare-up this whole weekend & yesterday was a bit miserable for me. Lovely weather; I was freezing. Good conversations; I kept messing up my words (not much clearer than Teagan!). And in pain from my skin into my bones. But I still enjoyed dinner at my sister's with her hubby, baby & friends. How can you not enjoy that?!?!

Mom & I came home & I was in bed before 9 and managed to sleep for 12 hours and woke feeling much better (comparitively speaking).

Yup~that's me: exciting life. Hope you didn't fall asleep from sheer boredom just reading this!

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  1. LOL!! Awwwww I just love watching that video of Teagan... she's just so frustrated with her hiccups! "Darn Hiccups!!" Too cute Mary!!


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