Thursday, May 21


We are extremely blessed to have 2 gorgeous lilac bushes outside our dining room window.

These more than make up for the roses we loved, but had to leave behind, in CA.

The lilacs smell delightful & the bushes are covered with so many blossoms...

...that we can bring quite a few cuttings inside.


Also, the weather is so incredible that we were able to dine al fresco tonight...We dined on fresh Copper River Salmon, cous-cous with golden raisins, craisins, slivered almonds & fresh cilantro, and fresh aspargas. Yum!!!

What a wonderful life!!!
I feel as though I am on vacation everytime I go out on one of our decks.

Oh yes, one last thing: isn't my neice freaking adorable?!?!?!

Life is good!!! God has really out-done Himself in blessing us!

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  1. Oh My Goodness Mary!!!! She was sooooo happy and excited to hear your voice! :) What a perfect little angel you have there!


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