Saturday, May 16

Grandparents Galore!

This is a very important weekend in Teagan's life: she finally got to meet her Grampa Jim and her Great-Grandparents Ed & Rose. And since she is Great-Grandma's namesake (her middle name is Rose) this was very special, indeed!

With Grampa Jim ~so exciting!

Meeting Great-Grandpa Ed~such a little lady!

With Great-Grandma Rose~what a special time!

Poor lil TeaRose is still sick so she was a little fussy (none of us know what to do when she's fussy, since she generally isn't) but she still loved being with everyone! Such a good lil girl!

She is feeling a bit better today & is ready for another day of being passed around from grandparent to grandparent while her Auntie M insanely snaps a jillion photos of each & every moment!

Isn't TeaRose's Gramma Cindy a hot mama?!

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