Friday, May 1

Have I Mentioned I LOVE Spring!

I love spring in the Pacific Northwest~It lasts forever!!!! And it's soooo green. After years in SoCal, the green is so refreshing! And the flowers! Gorgeous! I feel so blessed. The past couple days have been a nice 70 degrees, so I can be outside & enjoy the weather. Also refreshing after feeling trapped inside in Temecula's heat. (My body cannot processs heat so I was stuck indoors w/the A/C running when it warmed up over about 75 degrees-which was most of the year there!)So far I've loved ALL the weather here~the rain, the snow, the sun.

Back in Jan/Feb, the view from our lower deck in the back looked like this (which I really enjoyed):

Now it looks like this~GREEN as can be! I feel like I am in an Adirondack cabin while I lounge out there!

And the front street went from this:

To this:

Needless to say, I love it! I feel so blessed to be here! And a bonus, my lil TeaRose is here visiting for the day. And I am only in minimal pain. Could life get any better?

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  1. Oh! I love the spring too! My most favorite part of the year... seeming how I've lived in So Cal my entire life, I feel as though I've been missing tons!! Beautiful pictures Mary!


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