Friday, February 5

Baking a Cake

Yesterday while Van was here, he requested to bake a cake. This kid loves cooking! He puts on an apron,  stands on a chair with a spoon in one hand & and oven mitt on the other and says "What do we do first?! Where's the ingrediants?!"

Yesterday he decided to count off each and every step (from washing our hands at the beginning down to the sprinkles he put on the frosting). Needless to say, there were probably a billion steps when you count each thing (like Auntie M: "Stir again" Van: "Ok, 21, stir again!')

Now, as you know, Valentine's day is coming up, so with this in mind I asked him if he wanted to bake a red cake (Yes!). Then I asked him if he wanted to make it in my heart-shaped cake pan. Oops~this showed him where the pans were located. He delved into the cupboard and emerged with a Christmas tree cake pan & declared that we would have a red tree with green frosting! And there you have it! :-)

Of course Gramma faithfully recorded each "step" of the process...but ding bat Auntie M forgot to take a picuture of the finished product! Duh! But trust me when I say it was glorious!

Here are just a few of the pictures~in case you were dying to see them! And, yes, this cake--& frosting too--were made entirely from scratch! Thank you very much!
This is probably "Step 10"...notice there are no ingrediants in the bowl yet! ;-)

In go the eggs...

LOTS of vanilla

LOTS of Red Food coloring!

Hmmm...kinda pink still instead of red...oh well!

One of the most important ingrediants: chocolate chips!

Finally: flour (thanks to Gramma who ran to the store to get it!) & oatmeal

Into the pan

And into the oven

With enough left over for some mini cupcakes

Very GREEN frosting!

I still have green hands from the frosting!

Final step: enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Van took the tree cake home so we enjoyed mini cupcakes while he was here. With candles to blow out and singing of "Happy Birthday" to each person at the table! Except for cousin Teagan: "She's too small," says her wiser, older, and bigger cousin!

But she had fun looking at the candles & listening to the singing: good practice since her 1st birthday is coming up!

It was another great day!!!

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