Sunday, February 21

Dontcha just hate it when... totally mis-diagnose your self & spend hours at the Urgent Care when you should have been at the ER?

I do.

Totally thought I had a kidney infection. I mean, after having had 7 of them in the past 10 years, I should know, right??? Apparently not!!!

So now the question is: kidney stones or ovarian cysts.

Now, as already stated, I apparently suck at this self-diagnostic stuff, but I'm going to go with ovarian cyst. Why? 'Cause I've already had  surgery for these twice...and have thought that another was in the works...

So, why am I blogging instead of sitting at the ER? Well, I have an OBGYN appointment tomorrow & already have a pelvic MRI ordered so why go today when I can sit at home in comfortable agony versus being miserable at the ER. And with any luck (finger's crossed) I'll be scheduled for a full hysterectomy for sometime soon. (Yes, you read correctly: I want a hysterectomy!!!)

And because of my other health issues (see labels, below), I have plenty of pain meds on hand, so I'm pumped full of those, with orders from the Urgent Care doc to head to the ER if the pain becomes unbearable.

In the meantime, I have the joy of watching my darling niece wander about in the most adorable golfing outfit. SO much better than watching le miserable in the ER!

And now, since this is my blog, I'm totally going to post the grossest picture I could find of an ovarian cyst!

How gross was that?!?!

And now, I will have to leave you in suspense until I know more.....


  1. OH my gosh! You could have put a warning on your blog before I scrolled down, saw that picture and now want to vomit up my dinner. Warning to my pregnant friend: I'm about the post a COMPLETELY disgusting photo of an actual ovarian tumor; quite similar to the one you (Ash) JUST had taken out exactly three weeks ago and still have stitches holding together a 5" incision to prove it.


    But I still love you! :)

  2. Sorry, Ash......just for you I've put a little space in between the pictures!!! It is pretty gross to go from Teag to that monstrosity! But no warning-that wouldn't be as fun!!!!

  3. LOL. It was quite funny actually. You're right though- I'd much rather look at Teagan. :)


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