Wednesday, February 3

Oh Happy Day

This morning I awoke to peels of laughter and the smell of yummy things cooking. I came downstairs to discover two chefs in my kitchen...making bacon, huge pancakes, and coffee.

Note not only the apron, but the oven mit: these are 2 of Van's favorite things about cooking!

What a great start to a fun day! Van is sooooo ready to go to school! Counting rapidly both forwards and backwards, the alaphabet, following directions, playing mind-challenging games that are for kids ages 8+. A great attention span. I'm so proud of him. He will be 6 this summer, but as he was a preemie, his parents (wisely) decided to give him an extra year before starting him in school...but, as he pointed out: his parents go to work; his brother goes to school; and his sister goes to school-therefore he should go to school! So smart!

Kenyan joined us after school & got to work playing hard. We played games, colored, made Valentines, watched movies, and had a tea-party. What more could one want?

Isn't Gramma cute??

Lucky me!!!

It was a Happy Day!

Prayer Request Update~
For those of you who prayed for my friend Ashleigh, thank you!!! She is doing well: released from the hospital & recovering under the attentive care of her husband, parents, sister, and little boy. And little baby Shadow is doing well too~yay!!!!

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