Wednesday, February 24

It's a New Year!

That's right! It's a whole New Year: for Teagan that is!

Today is Teagan's first birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday, darling girl!!!!

Your Auntie M loves you!!!

While her birthday party is on Saturday, we (of course!) had to give her a little something on her actual birthday. Needless to say, she was more enthralled with the tissue paper surrounding the gift than the actual gift, but that's ok.

Van was there to watch her open her gift & he got a special gift too~just for fun. He got a surfing turtle Pet Shop.

Here's pictures of Teagan & her gift....

Is she good at shredding tissue paper or what?

While I loved the little pink & white dress we gave her, but the best gift was to us: Teagan herself.


Evening Update

Teagan (and her mama & dadda) graciously invited her Auntie M & Gramma Cindy to dinner this evening to celebrate her birthday.

We went to Red Robin. The place absolutely fascinated Teag! So much going on...

Like the little boy at the table next to ours who flirted shamelessly with Teag. Ah, young love!

She loved all of it...except...the big red robin.
This creature made her bottom lip quiver & big silent tears rolled down her cheeks!
Poor little thing. She kept pointing at it, so we thought she was crying cuz she wanted to go see it.
We were wrong.
We actually had to move her chair so that she could no longer see it.
I see a therapy session in her distant future... (kidding! I hope)

But, as all women know, sweets make everything better.
Since she is now One, her daddy thought it was high time that she try
Ice Cream!
(One of his personal favorites!)

But first, the staff & family sang Happy Birthday while she clapped along.
(Although there was this strange look on her face~
kinda like she was thinking,
"Who the heck are these people?!?!")

Then came the whipped cream:

 Strangely good!

And now for the ice cream...the moment her father has been waiting for:

Another, "What the heck?!?!" face!!

But, not to fear, the yumminess of ice cream
 definitely grew on her....

Yea for birthdays & ice cream & most of all: for Teagan!

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