Monday, February 22

Dontcha Just Hate It...

...when you spend ALL day having medical procedures and they still can't give you a definitive answer for why you are in pain???

That's right: today I spent the day being poked and prodded--I had a pelvic ultra sound, a pelvic MRI, a good old-fashioned pelvic exam--the whole nine yards. And except for all of that sort of exaspirating my pain, we still don't have answers. Of course, I'm not really being fair: we may have more later this week when all the radiologists have written their reports & my doctor looks over everything.

In the course of all this, however, I've decided that perhaps my new OBGYN up here in the grand state of Washington is not the best match for me. Each time I've left her office, I've left with a sense that she isn't truly listening to me and that I'm being bullied in to doing a health regimine that I don't agree with.

She's wanting to "experament" with some various things (drugs/hormones) to see if we can get the insomnia, migraines, ovulation pain, cramps, & heavy menses (doesn't that sound soooo polite???) under a form of "control." However, my last OBGYN (whom I am really missing right about now) already kinda had me prepared that when all these symptoms returned, that it would be time for a hysterectomy. We did the birth control & hormone experament thing 5 years ago both before and after the surgery I had then.

I was warned that because of my right ovary's love to produce large cysts & my nasty ol' endometriosis, that the surgery he did (a general clean up, I guess you could say) would probably only last me 2-3 years...and, hey, it's been FIVE!!! So I feel that's pretty good.

He probably would have done a complete hysterectomy last year except my neurological state was still to fragile. Now however, I've become more stabilized and all the problems gynochological problems are making me unstable again. (Yes, I know, some of you are thinking, "She's kidding herself if she ever actually thought she was stable!!") So my neurologist says, and I agree, that it's time to take my "female" innards out!

Problem: my new OBGYN is of the opinion that women should keep these innards~even if useless to one such as me (where getting pg can quite literally kill me!). And I experience so much pain in my day-to-day living, that I'd like to eliminate some of it if possible, rather than experamenting about seeing how long we can keep 'em. So, as you may have gathered, we're not quite seeing eye to eye.

And so, I'm going to have to say it's my way or the highway and if she won't do surgery, I'll be hiking around looking for yet another new doctor. Cuz I really need a doctor who will listen to me. And who will listen to my neurologist. I gotta say it: I'm fiercely loyal to the doctor who saved my life & my ability to walk, etc. I know all doctors think they are mini-gods, but in my book, my neurologist is the highest god in my medical hiearchy of gods.

So there!

And there we leave it until we know more.........

However, for my dear friend Ashleigh, and cuz I can't believe the pictures you can find on Google, here's another lovely picture of someone's female anatomy (and their friend, the ovarian cyst.) Ready for it Ash???

And here we have today's nasty picture! Can we all say GROSS?!?!?!?! hee hee
I think shrinks should use this as an ink blot kinda test:
"And what do you see here???....
Ah, veh-ry interesting..."
(said w/Freudian accent)

Are you still reading??? Oh good, cuz how adorable is my niece & her new baby doll?!?!

(double click on picture for larger view)

And now we are through for the day! Wasn't that fun???

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