Thursday, February 18

Blur of Pain

I try not to complain too much or really even mention the pain I live with day in and day out, but today is one of those all-consuming pain days…every joint hurts. In fact my whole body hurts so much that it’s been making me nauseous. My wrists & hands can barely move to type. It’s hard to focus on anything but the pain…I hate days like this.

While I am in pain of some sort every day, days like this have been fewer and farther between. But as for today, I just want to curl up and die. Figuratively of course. But being pain free would be so very wonderful. I can honestly say I don’t remember those care-free days of being pain free. But I know they existed. I hope someday I will experience them again…if not forever then at least for a couple days at a time.
I knew this would happen. I had to fly to CA for a couple days to see my doctors and did really well while there—maybe cuz the trip was so brief. But any sort of stressor, like travel or change in schedule or even emotional ups and downs can be debilitating.

Hoping I feel better tomorrow, cuz I have some funny stories from my brief trip in CA…at least I found them funny. In the meantime, I’m taking more pain meds and am curling up with my saintly mom waiting on me. Bless her heart. My mom is so very supportive of me. I really wouldn't be able to make it without her!
Right now she is doing dishes and washing the towels and rugs from my bathroom…poor things met a terrible plight involving a 5 year old nephew and a tube of toothpaste! But I’ll have to leave that story for another day. Let’s just say Sid the Science Kid probably won’t be viewed in my house or my sister’s for a while as it seems to inspire Van to make his own experiments! Ha ha!!!

In the meantime, this photo may give those of you with keen eyes a clue as to one of my future "funny" stories. Hint: I do not have freckles on my ears and only have one piercing. Can you guess what's going on here???

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