Wednesday, November 30

Flat-Noah Goes to the Future of Flight

Dear Real-Noah,

Ok! Here it is! My favorite thing I've done so far in Washington. I think you would have had fun! Yesterday, we went to visit a museum called "The Future of Flight."

Oh boy!!! Can you guess what they have there?!?! Tons of airplanes!!!!!!! That's right! The Future of Flight Museum is located at Paine Field.

Paine Field is home to Boeing.

And guess what Boeing makes?!?! Airplanes!!!!!!!!!!!

The inside of a 747:

The outside of a 747:

Just driving down the street you can see lots of airplanes!

Don't tell, but Auntie M took some of those pictures while she was driving!

But we took these when we were going into the museum. You cannot believe how huge these planes are!

The people at the museum were pretty nice. They said Flat-People like me had been to visit before and they gave me some free posters to bring home to you! (Plus Auntie M bought a few things at the museum store for us too!)

At the Future of Flight museum you can take tours where they tell you all about what is happening now in aviation (that's airplanes and flying) and what might be happening in the future.

I saw some the plane engines they use and the are really big!

The museum also had some small aircraft hanging from the ceiling!

And you can see all this before you even start the tour!! During the tour, you can explore the interactive exhibits and displays in the 28,000-square-foot Aviation Center Gallery; then go behind the scenes for a 90-minute tour of the Boeing plant where you can watch 747s, 777s, or 787s being assembled right before your eyes.

The "workshops" are huge because the planes are huge.

At the museum, they ask the question, "What is the future of Flight?"

I think I can answer them: when I grow up, I want to be a pilot who flies planes...

...or maybe an engineer who designs them...

...or maybe a engineer who builds them!

Or maybe all three!!!

Who really knows what my future may hold?

Come fly away...come fly away with me!!!!!

Part of a 787


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