Tuesday, November 29

Flat-Noah Roams the PNW

Dear Real-Noah,

Wow! I had such a busy day today! It's going to take me a while to write to you about all of it, so I'll just share a few things for now, because I'm really tired. It's been a long day!

Today, I finally got to go see those big boats I told you about before--the ferries. I had no idea a boat could be that big! It's so big that cars and trucks (even really big trucks like 18-wheelers) can drive onto the ferry and ride in them!!

We went to Mukilteo today--isn't that a funny name? Auntie M said it is Native American. Anyway, from Mukilteo, people can take a ferry across the waters of Puget Sound to Whidbey Island. Auntie M has family that lives there. I met them on Thanksgiving (part 2): Uncle James and Aunt Danielle and their baby Dante. They live on this island and make really pretty jewelry for people to buy. But to get to their house, you have to either drive your car onto the ferry or walk on to it. I guess it's like a bus that rides on water!

I was amazed at how big a ferry really is--I wish you could have been with us today and seen it for yourself!

The bottom 2 levels of the ferry hold the cars and trucks and the top level has places for people to sit.

This is the big ramp the cars drive across to get onto the ferry:

I felt really tiny when I was on the pier looking up at the ferry!

I'm not sure, but I think the man in the picture below is the captain of the ferry!!

Hi Noah!!!

This ferry is pulling away from the dock, ready to go to Whidbey Island:

Bye everyone! Have a safe trip!

Look at the water today: it matched the sky--grey!

Boo! Think I scared Auntie M when I jumped in front of the camera! Ha! Ha!

Can you see the cars on the deck of the ferry, below?

The cars look pretty small compared to the boat, huh?

This is what the inside of the ferry looks like. There chairs and tables and benches both inside and outside.
And they even have a some video games and a snack bar!

Phew! I'm pretty tired. Guess I'll go to bed and write to you some more tomorrow.


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