Wednesday, November 2

Luring the Family North

We are slowly luring more and more family up to the Pacific Northwest...this time it is Danielle's lovely sister, Greta. She arrived Monday with their sister Brianna in tow. The next day she interviewed for (and got!) a great job and looked at (and rented) a cute little house on Tuesday. She moves in to her new place tomorrow and starts her job next week. She is very brave to move states like this, trusting that she'd find a job and home!!

Tuesday evening, Tiff, Mike, & Teagan and James, Dani, and Dante all came over to celebrate Greta's arrival and successess.

Dante is moving about like a little steam engine and Teagan is trying to figure out how to share attention with her littler cousin. They are adorable together! Such little loves!!!

Our Little Man is growing up so fast!!!

Run, Ezra, Run!!

Auntie Greta

Auntie Bri

The fam...

Our Little Lady...

Peek-a-Boo thru the Castle Drawbridge:

Looking forward to many more family gatherings
in the coming holiday months!!!!


  1. ~ such beautiful Family moments Auntie M!!!! Makes us miss you all even. More!!! Xxoo

  2. Lori!! There are many jobs and wonderful schools up here...expecting your whole clan to move up here too!!!


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