Sunday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving (Part 2)

We're so thankful, we have to celebrate twice!

Mikey and Kent acted as the dinner table jungle-gym...

Teagan was a cowgirl most of the night...saying "Howdy Pardner" and "Ride 'em cowboy" and speaking with a drawl!

Later poor lil Dante was awakened from a much needed nap, had Gramma Cindy's latest knitting project plunked on his head, and was bundled up to go home, while Auntie M snapped bright camera flashes at him. Poor lil guy!!!

All in all, it was a nice mellow evening, with family cheer and great food (thanks Mom!!!).

In two weeks, it's our annual holiday open house, where we get to do it all over again but with even more people! Yay!

Auntie M's little love bugs!

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