Thursday, November 10

Flat-Noah's Adventures in WA

Yesterday, I got a great letter in the mail from my friend Lidia in California. Enclosed was a little Flat-Noah (a colored copy of her real son) who has come to visit me for a few weeks to learn about the state of WA. Flat-Noah and I are going to have a grand time I think! If you want to learn more about this fun school project, you can visit

I thought that Flat-Noah might want to share some of his on my are exerpts from his journal for Noah.

This is a map of the whole United States.
The red state is Washington, where I am.

This is a map of Washington state with an arrow
showing where I am staying, near Seattle!
This is the Washington State Flag and Seal

November 9, 2011

Dear Real-Noah,

Well, here I am in the state of Washington!

After you and your mom put me in that envelope and sent me off to your mom’s friend, I took quite a trip!! I got to go in an airplane flying over 3 states (California, Oregon, and Washington) but I didn’t get to see any of them because my section of the plane didn’t have any windows. I think it was called the cargo hold.

Anyway, after I got off the plane in Washington, I took a mail-truck ride to your mommy’s friend’s house. And then I sat in the dark in her cold mailbox for a couple days before I was brought inside. She felt pretty bad about that!! She is so excited to have me visit and told me I can call her “Auntie M” because she doesn’t have any kids of her own but she is auntie to lots of kids.

Today we didn’t really do much—Auntie M tried to take a picture of me to send to you, but her camera batteries were dead and her cell phone camera was full and she couldn’t get it to delete any of the pictures!!! Oh well!!!

But she did tell me about some of the places I’d see here. I guess there are lots of mountains and islands in Washington. Some of the islands you can get to over really long bridges and some of the islands you have to take a big boat called a ferry to get to them!!! She said next week she would take me on one of those boats to visit a place called Whidbey Island! These boats are so big that cars can drive on them!!!

Anyway, I think I’ll have fun here but I miss you. I’ll try to write to you often so you can hear about my adventures.



My 1st day in WA!!! Auntie M findally got her phone camera to work!!!

November 10, 2011

Dear Real-Noah,

Today I went out to lunch with Auntie M and her mom (Grandma Cindy) and her sister (Tiffany) and her niece Teagan. I got to sit on Teagan’s lap on drive to the restaurant.

When we got to the restaurant, Auntie M had a surprise: she brought a flat-person for Teagan to color so I would have a friend while I was here! It was fun to play with Flat-Teagan while everyone else ate.

Here we are at the restaurant~Gramma Cindy made a Flat-Gramma too!

I heard Auntie M and Gramma Cindy say we were going for a long drive tomorrow to someplace called Skagit Valley to look at the fall leaves. Hope they’ll take lots of pictures!!



This is Auntie M and me in front of a really big Christmas ornament!
So there you have it in Flat-Noah's own words!

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  1. ~ hi flat Noah! You sure look like you are having a fabulous time visiting Auntie M ~ which of course all her many Nieces & Nephews Do! I sure hope you'll consider a quick 24hr visit with us upon your return to California........ flat Charlotte visited us in April and we had a blast!!!! Enjoy your adventures!!!! ~<3 Love to Auntie M!


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