Sunday, November 27

More from Flat-Noah: Thanksgiving

Dear Real-Noah,

Sorry I haven't written you in a while...I've been a bit busy! Washington is a very interesting place! The weather has been so strange compared to where we live!

It rains a lot!!! And sometimes it gets really windy. But a couple of weeks ago, it snowed here! Well, not really here at Auntie M's house (she was pretty sad about that; so was I) but it did snow at her sister's house and Teagan got to go out and play in the snow with her new snowboard! I'll be honest, I was a little bit jealous!

Doesn't that look like fun?!?

Last week was Thanksgiving and the snow was all gone before we drove to Teagan's Gramma Sue and Papa Tom's to celebrate. Guess what?!?! Teagan's grandparents live on an island in a real log cabin!!! Can you believe it?!? It was pretty cool. We had to drive over a really long bridge to get across the water to the island and I thought that was pretty cool, but then when I saw that they lived in a log cabin, I was really excited! I didn't even care that it was raining--again!

Even though it was raining, it still looked pretty outside, with water all around. And sometimes the sun came out and everything was all shiny.

Can you see the rainbow in the picture above?

Teagan had lots of cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents there for Thanksgiving. They were all really nice to me. I even had some "Flat-Friends" to hang out with! Seven of Teagan's 10 boy cousins were there that day! But neither of her 2 girl cousins were there. She sure has a lot of cousins: 12 altogether!

There was so much food there! Tons of snacks before dinner. Here I am eating some chips and dip:

Grandma Sue and Papa Tom cooked a HUGE turkey for dinner! It was way bigger than I am!

This family is so funny. Even though they had a big family gathering on Thanksgiving day, they had a 2nd Thanksgiving dinner again 2 days later. I guess it was so people who didn't make it to the first one could still celebrate with family and friends. This time there were only 2 kids there besides me: Teagan and her baby cousin Dante.

Here we all are at dinner!

When everyone was done eating the kids climbed all over Teagan's daddy (I call him Uncle Mikey) and their Uncle Kent. Later they climbed all over Auntie a jungle gym! I was afraid someone might rip me, since I am only made of paper, so I decided not join in!

Even though was lots fun,  I missed being with you and our family. I'm glad I'm coming home for Christmas! Auntie M and the whole family up here are really nice, but I'm a little homesick and look forward to seeing you and all our friends at school soon!


See you real soon!!!

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