Monday, November 14

More From Flat-Noah

Dear Real-Noah,

Remember how I told you that we were going to take a long drive to see the fall leaves? Well, we didn't go! I was kind of bummed about that, but Gramma Cindy was sick and because (and this is pretty cool!) it snowed where we were going to go!! Snow!!! Can you believe it?!?

These are part of the Cascade Mountains~you can see them from Auntie M's house!

So instead we just hung out at home for a couple days.

I like my new Flat-Friends.

And I also made friends with this big, fluffy, white cat named Marie. She likes to sit on my lap!!! It was pretty funny!!

Yesterday we went to a big park called Bothell Landing. A river runs through the park and there is a walking/biking trail that goes all the way to Seattle (40 miles!!). The river has a really funny name: Sammamish!!

The trees were really pretty: yellows and reds and orange colors!

And there was an arched bridge that goes over the river so you can walk on both sides of the water!

We stood on the bridge for a long time looking at the water, the trees, and the ducks while we drank hot drinks to keep us warm. It can get pretty cold here!

Look at some of the leaves from the trees~I couldn't believe there could be so many colors all on one leaf!!

All-in-all, it was a pretty nice day. Maybe someday you can visit Washington and see some of the same things I am seeing!

Miss you,

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