Monday, February 27

Everybody Dance Now...

This weekend we celebrated the birth of Teagan Rose...and I will share more on that later.

But about a little mix of Napoleon Dynamite and About a Boy anyone?

Van came up and whispered to me that he had a special dance for Teagan for her birthday. When gifts were done and Mike put the music on, Van stood with complete confidence in the middle of the room...and began to dance!

And boy! Did he dance!!! With utter and complete seriousness!! He never cracked a smile through the entire performance!!

I happened to be sitting next to the birthday girl, who was enthralled, and you are able to hear her comments throughout the performance too.

So...put your hands together and give a shout out for Van, the Dancing Man!

As Teagan said, "That's pretty cool, Van!!!"

I couldn't agree more!

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