Monday, February 27

Ice Cream Party!

We celebrated Little Miss TeaRose's birthday on Saturday with family and friends. And in this family...that means tons of cousins!!!

But of course cousins means lots of Aunties and Uncles too (though not all may be "blood" related~that's not the point)! And grandparents too, of course.


The theme was ice cream cones. Balloons made into ice cream cones. Ice cream sundaes and cupcakes baked in ice cream cones. Daddy made the cakes (per tradition). Super cute!

Everyone knows Teagan's tastes very well...her gifts mainly consisted of new fashionwear, art supplies, and cuddley new friends!

Uncle James & Auntie Danielle & Cousin Dante threw in some
dance supplies & musical instruments too:

Dante really fell in love with with the biggest bear and tried to take off with it a couple times!

Auntie Roo went a different route and delighted Teagan with a full set of gardening supplies!

As I mentioned in this post, after Teagan opened her gifts, Van performed a special dance for Teagan (to the delight of all the guests!).

Then it was time for cake and singing...

After that...there was more running around like crazy by the cousins and, of course, more dancing!

Look at her go!!! Shake that booty!!! And she has a mouth full of gummy bears! LOL

And then came the sudden need for soft blankets, warm milk, and cuddles!

A Happy Birthday to our sweet girl!!!
You are so loved!!!

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