Friday, February 24

Oh Sweet Girl!

Dear Darling Girl~
How can it be? Is it really true? Has it been 3 years since we waited up all day and all night and into the next day worrying while you kept your mama (and daddy) working hard until~finally~you were born!

Your Gramma Cindy and Grandma Sue and I stood outside the door of the room where you were born waiting, holding our breath...until....we finally heard your first cry! And your mommy and daddy cried too! They were so happy you were finally here! And we cried too, standing outside that door, jumping quietly up and down. Your Papa Tom came running down the hall as fast as he could to hear the news!

Then, suddenly!, the door wasn't closed any more and there was your daddy bringing us into the room to meet you for the very first time on that day you were born. After your mommy and daddy got to hold you, then we took turns holding you too. But it was really hard to take turns because we all wanted to be the one holding you!

Auntie M was texting your Uncle James and Auntie Danielle as fast as she could to let them know you had finally arrived. And your Papa Jim too. And your Aunties Roo, and  Lesley, and Melly. Your daddy was texting your Uncle Tomo and your Aunties Jill and Mary and all your cousins. It was a very exciting day for everyone!

And guess what? Life hasn't been the same since~for any of us!! We all love you so!!!

You look so sweetly serene in these pictures (and you are!)...but you are a whirling, twirling,
spinning, tossing, turning, dancing delight too!

I want you to know how much I love you and that I always have and I always will. I love who you are. I love what you do.
Oh Teagan Rose! I love you!

♥ Your Auntie M

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