Sunday, February 26

What Would You Do?

Something happened to me in January when a fairly new neurologist I am seeing completely disregarded my written and verbal instructions that I am allergic to amitriptyline and want to avoid drugs in the same family. He put me on doxepin which is in the same enzyme family.

My pharmacist didn't want to fill the prescription and we both placed calls to him questioning the prescription. He seemed rather insulted by our questioning of his decision and said I would be fine and my pharmicist agreed to fill the prescription as long as my mom and I kept a close eye on my reaction to my reaction to the med.

Thank goodness I live with my mom! Within a week I lost the mental processing ability to even realize that I shouldn't be on the med. My mom kept notes of how my behavior changed. I slowly became zombie-like. At 2 1/2 weeks she called the Dr and said she was lowering my dose and read her notes to him. He still didn't believe it was because of the medication he had prescribed. At 3 1/2 weeks the was no change so we took me off the med completely. Within 3 days I was back to normal. But I had basically missed the month of January. And spent most of Feb getting back to normal.

I went and thanked the pharmacist for her warning as I never would have known that doxepin was related to amytriptyline. She explained about how they were the same basic enzyme with other additional meds added in. (For migraines, sleep, etc) I was put on doxepin for migraines.

However, when I saw the neurologist last week, he still disbelieved that I could have such an adverse to the medication. He now states that he is "afraid" to prescribe any other meds for me and wants ME to see a psychiatrist (as they understand pharmaceutical and chemical responses in the body) to find out why I think I would have such an adverse reaction to a safe medication that was a low dose that others take safely on a daily basis. I should find out why I have a problem...rather than him going to neuropsychiatrist to learn about neuropharmacology and neurochemistry himself!!! Problem has to me rather than HIM.

What he doesn't know is how stubborn I am. He is going to see me next with a fully written dissertation on the freakin' subject! However, some friends have urged me to hire a lawyer and sue him.

What would you do?

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