Friday, February 3

A Very Happy Birthday...

A Very Happy First Birthday to my sweet darling nephew Dante!!! I love you sooooo much! You bring so much joy and love to our's indescribable! You are definitely the treasure at the end of a rainbow! Mwah!!!

Cousin Teagan, Gramma, & I made this video for you 1st thing this morning!

Look of this whole year of joy you've brought to your mommy and daddy!

And you have brought joy and love to all who have met you too! Can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!
Your Auntie M


  1. It's so fun to see all these pics of my handsome little dude all gathered together in one place. Thanks for the happy tribute : )

    ~ Danielle

  2. I had planned on printing them out for you, but forgot we were out of ink! The best laid plans!

  3. Dante LOVED your video. There was, of course, total recognition in his eyes and he smiled the whole time. After the second time we watched it, he just stared smiling and pointing...I'm not sure, but it sounded like he tried to say "love you" came out "dove oo" but the intonation was there. Thanks for the sweet happy b-day wishes guys!!

    Mama & Baby Bear : )


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