Friday, February 10

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

Last Saturday the family got together to celebrate a very special 1-year-old's birthday! It was a wonderful time celebrating this amazing little boy's life!!

Beautiful Decorations & Yummy Food............

Funny Hats for Everyone...........

Yummy Cupcakes in the Making........

Cutest Cousins Holding Hands! How Sweet are They???

Happy Birthday to Dante!!!!

Time to get into that cake! Actually, while Dante loved the taste,
he seemed to want to paint with the frosting more than eat it!!!

Love this pic of Dante & his Daddy!

Time for gifts........

First up: the presents from Teagan and Auntie Tiffy and Uncle Mike
Do you see how Dante held up the shirt in front of himself?
Sizing up his new clothes!

Teagan must have had a discussion w/Dante about gifts.
She insisted he wanted an airplane. After searching & searching,
she agreed to compromise with mommy and get a helicopter
instead...he loved it!!!

We learned that Dante's Daddy wasn't the only one who loved Star Wars
as a child, so did all of his Mommy's family! Auntie Greta got Dante's passion
started with these stuffed figures:

Notice the laughter on Danielle's face when she first gets
a glimpse of Auntie Greta's gift:

Here's why: Greta only got him 3 out of the 4 figures below.
Mommy & Daddy got Dante the other one.
And, no, they didn't collaborate on these gifts!

We (Gramma & Auntie M) got Dante more clothes,
some of our favorite children's books, a mirror (what can we say,
the kid knows he's good looking!!) and...


Love this pic of Dante and his Mommy!

In addition to Yoda,

Dante's Mommy & Daddy got him a Frog puppet that is
nearly as big as he is!

He freaking loved it!!!

Of course, Danielle hand-painted him a growth chart that
was absolutely gorgeous!!! She is going to connect
the 3 pieces with brown ribbon. Adorable!!!

Dante is so cute: he loves to walk around with pieces of his mother's
artwork! He definitely has his parents' gifts of art and music appreciation!

I cannot believe I failed to get a picture of the gift his
Daddy is working on for him:
a handcrafted copper rainstick!
And when I say handcrafted, don't forget that
this is what his daddy does on a daily basis!

While she was unable to join us in person, Grandma Linda's gift for her
little cupcake happened to arrive just as the party guests did, so Dante
got to open her gift too. More fantastic books!

This one played "Jesus Loves Me" and, as I said,
Dante loves music, so he promptly took off
with his new treasure!
But I think his favorite part about Grandma Linda's gift
was the big picture of the two of them together that came out
of the box first. He got sooooo excited when he saw it!
It was so cute and endearing!

Danielle and James threw an awesome party for the birthday boy!
We all had wonderful time celebrating a wonderful life!

I am so blessed to be a part of this lil guy's be his Auntie M

We love you Dante!!!!!!!!!

Party Like a Rock Star

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  1. I just saw this post. This was such a fun, special day and all your pictures are great!! I love the video of Dante blowing out his candles-- priceless!


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