Sunday, July 17

American Girl Doll Store

The Seattle-area American Girl Doll store had its grand opening this weekend. It is only 15 minutes away~so exciting for Ava and Kenyan. Kenyan is in Portland, but we took Ava to the opening. She very wisely chose to go at noon on the second day of the grand opening. Apparently Day One had hours long lines while we were in the store within 20 minutes of arriving. Day Two had shorter lines but more drenching rain.

Alysa wore her latest outfit created by Gma Cindy

The whole thing was very organized: extra security, tickets for groups given out (only 100 people allowed in at a time!), paths blocked off by barriers like at an amusement park. And once you made it through those hallowed doors: pure, controlled chaos as a seemingly infinite number of girls roamed the store, the bistro, the hair salon...looking, longing, buying. Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents waiting in long lines to purchase the must-haves.

Ava took it all in, comparison shopped, and then, with her own money, stood in line to make her purchase.

Meet Julie's new bunny~name TBD. Possibilities include:
Nutmeg (the AGD name), Chocolate Chip, Caramel, or Oreo.

And Gramma Cindy and Auntie M stood around bewildered by it all. But happy that Ava was happy.

Then we topped it off with lunch at the restaurant of her choice (Applebees...go figure) and came home to collapse!

Julie telling one of our dolls about what she missed at the grand opening.

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