Tuesday, July 12

Strange Happenings in the Kingdom

You may not be able to tell, but great battles were fought here last night between the forces of good and evil...

Good triumphed and evil was bannished and the kingdom was finally at peace.


And all in that fair kingdom were able to sleep peacefully knowing their Good Fairy Queen and Valient Knight would keep the kingdom safe from all evil...

Their final battle was against the Great Invisible Poo-Poo (discovered by the Knight Van Augustine, of course!). Queen Ava Celeste of the Good Fairies, cracked me up when she approached the Great Poo-Poo and said, "Hey you! I know you think you're tough, but I hear you're only #2...where is your leader #1?"

Ava is her Uncle James' niece, indeed: pun city! The joke flew over Van's head though!

Huge kudos to Ava for inspiring such imaginative play and for not dissing her younger cousin, but rather sweeping him up into a world of creativity and fun! She was awesome with him and took his ideas and ran with them making them bigger and better than he could ever imagine!

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