Tuesday, July 5

Independance Day

The fourth of July was absolutely beautiful here in WA (finally)!!! And we all headed out to Whidbey Island to celebrate the holiday at James and Danielle's with a traditional American dinner: BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs and apple pie. It was a glorious day!

We also had incredible entertainment...

Dante practiced rolling over:

Brianna and Teagan sang us duets:

Teagan and Ava blew bubbles:

And then Dante bounced and danced for us~it is truly amazing how fast he can go!!!!

The whole day was lovely...even "The Mountain" came out to celebrate the day. And the sunset was gorgeous...the setting sun turning the snow peaked mountains a  lovely pink.

Mt Rainer aka "The Mountain"

The day ended with spectacular fireworks~all around us: down in the valley, up in the hills...and right over our house! Our new neighborhood goes all out with fireworks! This was shot off  by a neighbor and blossomed right outside my bedroom window!

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