Sunday, July 3

Happy Birthdays

As I mentioned in this post, July is the birthday month for a lot of important people in our lives...including both Van (who is turning 7) and Kenyan (who is turning 9). They are so cute as they share a party and are so happy with any gift they may recieve.

However, for the past 5 months, Kenyan has drooled over the American Girl Doll catalog we receive. Cousin Ava has two American Girl dolls (a Just-Like-Me doll and one of the Signature dolls) and last summer Kenyan showed a slight interest in them but around February, she became slightly obsessed with the dolls in general. And after much studying, she found the what she believed to be the perfect Just-Like-Me doll: caramel colored hair, blue eyes, beautiful smile. She really wanted this doll for her birthday, but was worried about the cost ($100), so she told us, her parents, anyone who would listen that she didn't care how many people pitched in or if it was her only gift, she just really wanted that doll.

So, Grandma Sue, Papa Tom, Gramma Cindy, and I pitched in and secretly bought it for her, along with the AGD hairbrush. Then Gramma Cindy got to work sewing a couple adorable outfits to go with the dolll.

Kenyan had no idea that we had actually purchased the doll. And even as she opened the package she didn't guess. And then the catalog insert we put in the box fell over the window showing the doll's face, so she still didn't guess what was in the box. The look on her face when she realized what was in the box was classic!

Pure joy!!!! She was blown away!!!! She named her new companion "Emily."
Ava bought Kenyan hair supplies for Emily with her own sweet.
Kenyan and Emily were never apart the rest of the day! Kenyan changed Emily into one of Gramma Cindy's creations and her mom suddenly heard screaming coming from Kenyan: "Mom! Mom! Come here! Quick! Hurry!" Shelah thought she was hurt but no: instead she announced with glee and awe: "She even has underwear!" Too cute!!

As for Van...well, he asked for...
Wait for it....

Wait for it....


I love him for his style (among many other things)!
We got him a green shirt and a green with gray stripes...for his high-style days. And shorts and a shirts for his more casual days. Ava even got him a basketball shirt with her own money! And for good measure, we got him a bowling set too.

But I think his fave toy that afternoon was the super-soaker water gun from Mike and Tiffy and Teagan.

Cousin Cash got one too...and the grown-ups had to break them in for the kids...

I've got to say, Van and Kenyan are so loved and  received so many gifts as an expression of everyone's love.

Love you guys so much!
Auntie M

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