Monday, July 25

Country Village

Last summer, Ava discovered The Country Village, a collection of shops in a country setting, complete with random chickens and ducks roaming about and a stream and pond. And lovely flower beds. I got some wonderful pictures of Ava there last year.

Ava's favorite thing about the Village was that several stores carried American Girl Doll clothing and accessories. Sadly when we returned today, those stores had gone out business.

And though I forgot my camera, I still got a few pretty shots with my phone. (What did we do before cell phone cameras?!?)

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  1. HI!! I'm sorry to hear her fav store had gone out of business.... how lovely to have these pics again this year of Ava in the Country Village to compare to last year!! It's still such a beautiful setting, and WOW what a beautiful growing young lady amoungst the flowers! See you Ladies soon... I am back from Fresno now!


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