Thursday, July 21

Noodle Nose

So...yesterday, at lunch, Teagan announced loudly, "Watch this!"

She then grabbed a a noodle from her plate of macaroni and cheese and.....

....wait for it....



                                        ....shoved it right up her cute little nose!

She then  got this look on her face that looked like, "Oh crap! What did I just do?"

Ava, Gramma and I burst out laughing! Hysterically...til we realized that the noodle was truly stuck up there!

Her little eyes began watering and she tried to get it out, but her little finger just shoved it further up her tiny little nostril.

We couldn't get her to blow it out despite trying. So off to the pharmacy went Auntie M in search of  something to suck the noodle out of her nose.

I returned with an infant's ear syringe and 2 kaleidescopes. Teagan adores Ava and will do most anything she asks so I figured if Ava lay on her back looking through a kaleidiscope, Teagan would too. And then I could suck the noodle out without her fussing too much.

As it turns out, Teag was so desperate to get the noodle out of the her  nose, that she didn't care about having the syringe bulb being put in her nose. She actually seemed to welcome it! I sucked as much noodle out as I could, as she cuddled on Gramma's lap, and Ava cheered her on. We thought we got it all out.

Teagan's eyes stopped watering and she bounced down from Gramma's lap and returned to her usual bouncy self. Victory!
(Or so we thought...)

She and Ava went on to have a fun-filled afternoon.

Our house once again became a bustling cafe~

Teagan had so much fun, that she cried when her mama came to take her home...and out came more noodle! For such tiny nose, she really had it jam-packed!

This morning I heard from my sister...last night in the bathtub, even more noodle came out of Teagan's nose! We believe she is finally noodle free!

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